Do you have a creative side? Doodling 일본 만화사이트추천 instead of taking notes, or making up characters and stories, is a favorite pastime for many people.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, creating your cartoon can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences of your life.

You don’t need much to make your cartoon.

You need only:

Aspiring to create your own animated short

Artistic ability is required.

Imagination, too, is required.

To begin generating your cartoon, you need these items.

There are five major 무료 만화사이트추천 phases to creating your cartoon.


Make sure you know what is going to happen in your animation before you begin. There is no limit to what this can be, from a full-length film to a simple movement. Either way, you should have a good concept of where you’re going and how the animation is going to get you there.


To make your story’s purpose clear for your audience, you must first create the people who will inhabit it. Make sure that your characters can be easily animated before submitting them to a contest. There is a risk that you will give up on the project if your characters are too complex for animation. 만화사이트 –

A game plan

As soon as you’ve decided on a plot and characters, you’re ready to begin storyboarding 최신 만화사이트추천 your animation. If you don’t know what storyboarding is, it’s a collection of images depicting the events in your story. I normally begin each scenario by drawing a new piece of art. For scenes that require more than a single image to convey their meaning, I go back and create storyboards.


For your cartoon, it’s time to start recording the sounds you’ll use. In some cases, you may want to record your cartoon’s soundtrack before creating the storyboard. Finally, adjust the storyboard to reflect what you hear. However, because the majority of my cartoons don’t include conversation, I record the sound effects to go along with my storyboard rather than the other way around.


The final step in creating your cartoon is animation. This phase will be heavily influenced by the style of animation you use, but there are some general guidelines to follow.

To begin, choose a setting. It’s important to know where the camera is going to be for this scenario as you’re storyboarding it out.

Then you’ll sketch the background and lay up the lighting for your scene. Once you’ve completed that, you’ll need to sketch all of your character’s keyframes, which depict them in their most extreme positions (the frames between the keyframes).

Don’t forget that you can’t add color to the animation until you get the movement just how you want it. Give your character a basic color after drawing all the frames and ensuring that the scene runs smoothly.

The next step is to consider the source of light. Highlights and shadows can then be added.

Once you’ve done that, repeat the process for each subsequent scene in your cartoon. This is a cartoon you can be proud of after you’re finished.

To Draw a Cartoon, You 만화사이트추천 커뮤니티 Need to Be Born Again

It’s hard to be bored when you’ve got a good cartoon on to keep you entertained. It’s possible to do anything with a moving object. Any moving object has the potential to perform any function. For cartoons, there was no such thing as an insurmountable obstacle.

This is why so many cartoons are based on science fiction, old and new. But what happens if a cartoonist decides to use real individuals as models for their creations? Is it governed by the same set of guidelines as every other animated film? What new abilities do the new cartoon characters possess that their corresponding real-life counterparts lack? That seems good to me. Would the public accept them if they did?

Historically, the transition from live-action to animated television has not always been smooth. Our focus will be on cartoons that were based on real-life individuals or events.

They became an overnight sensation when they performed on the Ed Sullivan program in 1964. Their albums are flying off the shelves. It seems that they were open to any form of publicity. Repeatedly, this has been demonstrated to be the case.

However, it wasn’t until 1965 that the concept of a cartoon featuring the Beatles was hatched. And while the 39-episode cartoon series that aired from 1965 to 1969 was a modest hit in the 1960s, it would be viewed as a colossal disaster now. There aren’t many cartoons of the Beatles around the world now, even though they were so popular.

When Star Trek first aired in the 1960s, it was a popular television show. It only lasted three years because it wasn’t a big hit. Final results: It has a huge cult following and inspired other feature films. In 1973, just as Star Trek was regaining popularity, an animated series based on the franchise debuted. Many other films had already come out by the time this one was scheduled for release, which may have helped its box office performance. However, the transition from actual people to cartoon characters was a failure, and there were only 22 episodes of Star Trek cartoons.

Even though it wasn’t a replica, one of the few real-life shows that translated effectively to animation was a spoof. Since then, The Honeymooners has become a part of American culture thanks to its star, Jackie Gleeson. Four of the key characters Ralph; Ed; Alice; and Trixie were well-known. This isn’t the first time they’ve portrayed the Flintstones characters. It was The Flintstones, the first cartoon to air during prime time, that made them one of the most popular of all time. One of the best-known cartoons, if not the best-known, aside from The Simpsons. It’s also one of the rare films to have actual actors.